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Our new governance ecosystem
Cathy Cooney 20122019

The brand new interRAI Leadership Advisory Board (iLAB) has met for the first time, putting into action a new model of strategic leadership for interRAI Services. The iLAB has a specific focus on responsiveness to Māori, service performance and demand, clinical excellence, technology, and data governance.

The changes to the interRAI Services governance ecosystem were recommended by a service design review process which was completed in 2020. The revised structure takes account of the health and disability system reforms now in progress.

It is composed of two groups – the iLAB, and the interRAI Network. These two groups will collaborate to deliver strategic governance of interRAI services.

The iLAB engages with the interRAI network and will provide strategic advice to Health New Zealand, the Ministry of Health, the Māori Health Authority, and TAS. Read more about the iLAB members.

The interRAI network consists of interRAI stakeholder groups, subject matter experts and consumer representatives. Their role will be to provide advice to the iLAB on their areas of expertise, and the aged care sector.