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Using Momentum

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Getting access
Passwords and security
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Using Momentum

Our interRAI software system is called Momentum. It's a secure system accessed via the internet, using a username and password. 

Momentum is the software platform where you can complete assessments, and view client records. Because Momentum contains personal health information, security is important.

We grant access to Momentum users according to their workplace and role. 

Getting access

We arrange access to Momentum for you. Complete a user access form to start the process. 

User access form

Need help? Please email interRAI@tas.health.nz

Passwords and security

Security certificates

You'll need a security certificate installed to access Momentum. 

Security certificate information

Passwords and security questions

You set up your security questions before your first log in. Choose answers that are easy for you to remember, and hard for others to guess.

After your first log in, you use a username and password to access the system. If you forget your password, you can reset it yourself using your security questions. 

Guide to password resets and security questions 

Guide to changing security questions