interRAI is a suite of seamless and comprehensive clinical assessment instruments, developed by an international collaborative to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people.

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December 2020

Service design report published

In late 2019, the Ministry of Health and TAS jointly commissioned Tenzing Ltd to undertake a service design review to identify and evaluate future opportunities for interRAI Services.

November 2020

Momentum issue - assessment comments

Last week’s upgrade came with a change to comments and notes – they now only carry forward to the same assessment type, which is as we expected.

However, we have now found that comments don’t carry forward between different versions of assessments (versions before May 2019) as well as different types. We are investigating this issue and will keep you updated.

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The interRAI Annual Report 2019/20 is now published.

The annual report reflects the challenges and opportunities presented to our organisation by the pandemic. It also showcases some of our most significant non-pandemic work and outcomes, events and initiatives.

It also contains rich insights gleaned from interRAI data that will be of interest to researchers and policy-makers.

Read the full report below.

interRAI Annual Report 2019/20


Data vis

interRAI Data Visualisation

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