interRAI is a suite of seamless and comprehensive clinical assessment instruments, developed by an international collaborative to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people

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June 2020

Kotahi Two-to-One: common problems

Yesterday the transition from two host sites to one was completed. Here are the most common problems that are being reported to us, and their solutions. For any other issues, please call the helpdesk on 0800 10 80 44, option 1.

Q: I'm using the new Momentum link but the system won't let me log in. What's wrong?
A: You might not have your new Client-Side Certificate installed. Please call the service helpdesk on 0800 10 80 44, option 1.

Q: I can't remember my security questions to reset my password. What should I do?
A: Please call (don't email) the helpdesk on 0800 10 80 44, option 1.

Q: My bookmarked Momentum link no longer works. Why?
A: There is a new link to Momentum for some users. Click 'Momentum all regions' at the top of this page to be taken there.

April 2020

Presentations now available - Knowledge Forum

Presentations from the interRAI Knowledge Forum held on March 4, are now available. Click the title to see them.

May 2020

Redesigned LTCF training

LTCF training: redesigned for you
We are pleased to announce the rollout of our redesigned Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF) training course, delivered by distance learning. Registrations for this course will be available on this site from next week. You can also contact us to express your interest.

Visit our 'request training' page for more information.

Read more » LTCF assessment schedule returns to normal

Following the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 1, the normal schedule of LTCF assessments will resume on 1 July 2020.

When is an assessment required?

From 1 July onwards, an LTCF assessment must be conducted on admission to an aged residential care facility, whenever a change in the level of care is required, or reassessment every six months.

Which assessment to use and when to use it

What help is available?

We are keen to help you make the transition back to the normal schedule, as easy as possible. interRAI can provide skills boosters, LTCF training by distance or in person, plus our staff are available to answer your questions.

My staff need access

Do you have new staff who need access to Momentum? Please contact us to arrange this.

Data vis

interRAI Data Visualisation

interRAI assessments produce a wealth of information about the health of older people. View