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For managers

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User access
Training for you and your staff
Minimum device requirements
Security certificates
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For managers

If you have staff who complete interRAI assessments, there are some things you need to be aware of. These apply to managers in the community, and in residential care.

User Access

You must tell us when an assessor joins or leaves your facility or organisation. You must also tell us when they go on long term leave, or parental leave. This helps us keep client/resident information secure. To add a new assessor, please ask them to fill in a User Access Form. You'll then approve this by email. To remove an assessor who has left, please email interRAI@tas.health with their details. You also email us at this address to tell us about assessors going on long term leave.

Training for you and your staff

You approve requests for your staff to train with us. You must make sure they have everything they need to succeed with their training.

We also offer specialist training for managers. To request this, fill out the User Access Form.  and select 'Clinician Read Only' in the 'training required' section.

What your staff need to train

Your staff can use a computer or laptop to complete their training. It must meet our minimum device requirements and have:

  • a good internet connection and browser - Chrome, Firefox or Edge
  • a client-side certificate installed
  • Zoom installed.

If you have multiple staff training at once, they can't share computers.

A suitable setup

A quiet, well-organised space for learning will help your staff succeed. If possible, avoid training staff at busy nurses' stations.

If you can provide a headset and dual monitors, your staff will find their training easier.

Learners must be rostered off the floor to complete their training. Ensure they're logged in and ready to begin 15 minutes before their training begins. If you have another staff member already trained, it's helpful to have them available to answer your learner's questions or help with technology issues.

Your staff must have the correct interRAI manuals available while they train.

Security certificates

If you manage an independent facility or community health provider, you are in charge of security certificates. Some facilities and providers use an IT company to manage installation, others do this themselves. You must nominate at least one person from your facility or provider to receive technical updates, via our technical updates list. This means we can let you know when your certificate needs updating. Subscribe to technical updates.

If you manage an aged residential care facility or local office which is part of a company, you'll likely have an IT department. Examples include Ryman Healthcare, Arvida, Nurse Maude, Access Home Health. In these companies, we arrange certificate installation with your IT department, and you don't need to do anything extra. 

We arrange certificate installation directly with your IT department. You can subscribe to our technical updates list if you'd like information about certificate changes - this is optional. You shouldn't need to do anything extra. 

Subscribe to technical updates.

We're here to help you

If you have a question about managing interRAI, please email interRAI@tas.health.nz so we can help you.