Can we help?

Before you contact us, check our Frequently Asked Questions section for the issues users ask us about most often such as password resets.

Ring: 0800 10 80 44, option 3

interRAI software support
Ring: 0800 10 80 44, option 1

Who should I talk to?


To save you picking up the phone, you can fix some issues yourself.

Password resets

Frequently asked questions

Your IT provider

Your own IT provider can help you with:

  • Internet connections
  • Computer hardware
  • Check-In Check-Out installation (Momentum mobile)
  • Client-side certificate installation or replacement.

interRAI software helpdesk

  • Locked accounts
  • System performance
  • Check-in check-out support
  • Adding GPs
  • Client-side certificates.

interRAI Services Support Team

Call on 0800 10 80 44 and choose option 3
Or, email

The team can help you with:

  • Training information and bookings
  • User access forms
  • Facility bed and name changes
  • Analytics setup and training.

District NASC

Your local NASC team can assist you with client file transfers.

Our dedicated team of interRAI data analysts are available to answer your questions about our data and how it can be used. You can email them at:

You can also visit our data, research and reporting section for more information.