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Technical Information

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Security certificates
Device requirements
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To use Momentum in your facility or organisation, you must complete some regular IT tasks. 

This page is for anyone who manages IT for an organisation or facility, including local and national helpdesk staff, managers, administrators and external IT providers. Make sure you know who takes care of your IT needs, and direct them to this page.

The information on this page helps you keep Momentum running smoothly for your users. Please sign up to our mailing list if you manage IT for an organisation or facility. This makes it easy to let you know when you need to take action. 

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Security certificates

Using security certificates is one way we keep patient information safe and secure. A security certificate is a small data file installed on all the laptops and computers used to complete interRAI assessments. When a user logs into Momentum from a computer, the system looks for this file to check the user is authorised. 

We send out new security certificates for installing approximately every 12 months. In some circumstances we may need to send a new certificate before your old one expires. We'll let you know ahead of time if we need to do this. Please sign up to the technical mailing list above so we can contact you.

Having security certificate trouble? Check our FAQs for help.

Device requirements

The information in the following document describes the minimum technical specifications needed for devices to access the Momentum software through a web-based application or to install Momentum Mobile for working offline using the Check-in Check-out (CICO) function.

Device Requirements


We provide an API for other patient management systems to connect to Momentum. There are two types available. 

API 1: PDF report API 

This API shows interRAI data within your own software system. It returns a list of available assessment and care plan reports for the client. Results are encoded in PDF format so you can open and view them easily. 

The available report types are: 

  • CA assessment report (includes CA and ED screener)   
  • Care plan report 
  • CHA assessment report (includes CHA core assessment and the four supplements) 
  • Client summary report 
  • Completed assessment comment report 
  • HC assessment report 
  • LTCF assessment report 
  • MDS trend report 
  • PC assessment report. 

API 2: Assessments-only API

This API returns a list of assessments completed for a client. The list shows assessment values for each data element, and all calculated outputs for the assessment type. This data can be useful in starting workflows, alerts, data analysis, and other functions as user software allows. For example, providing CAPs outputs to guide users during care planning. 

If you're interested in making use of these APIs, you can email us at interRAI@tas.health.nz

Software upgrades

We upgrade Momentum regularly. Some upgrades are minor, fixing bugs and adding security enhancements. Others contain major new features and functionality. We need your help to make our upgrades successful. We'll give you as much notice as possible about upcoming upgrades and the actions you need to take to prepare. Please sign up to our technical mailing list so we can contact you about upgrades.