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Acute Care assessment rollout
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The interRAI Acute Care (AC) is a comprehensive assessment designed to support assessment of all adults admitted to the acute care setting. Its primary purpose is to identify clinical, functional and psychosocial problems, including to screen for syndromes such as delirium, dementia and depression, and to identify patients at risk of adverse events such as decline in ADL function, falls and undernutrition.  

The interRAI AC Assessment System comprises 56 clinical observationsIt is designed to be applied on admission to an inpatient setting, with capacity to adjust the assessment for 24 hours as the patient’s function and behaviour are observed. 

In October 2020, ACC began a program of work to implement the interRAI Acute Care (AC) assessment for their Non-Acute Rehabilitation Pathways (NARP) clients.

The program began to help ACC implement its casemix funding approach across all DHBs. This will be completed by 1 December 2022. Some DHBs are interested in the opportunities provided by the interRAI AC to support a continuum of care and more flexible and innovative approaches to care.