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Post-transition function changes

The interRAI software system, Momentum, changed hosts on 31 July 2023.

We have found some functions are not working as expected following the transition. Updates will be posted here as we work on these, please check back for updates.

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Add a New Client page: NHI

Add a New Client page: domicile code

Overview page: allergies field


Add a New Client page - dormant NHI present

Some users see the error message, EM02002 when searching for a National Health Index number, or seeing an unhandled exception message when trying to save the page. 

Fix: we have added extra rows to the identifiers fields to handle the error message.

If the client has a dormant NHI, this will be alerted on the Identifiers on the Client Overview page, like in the screenshot below. This alert cannot be removed or changed and will appear on reports.

Add a New Client Page: domicile code must be added manually

At the moment, the domicile code value isn't populating automatically. 

Fix: you must add the domicile code manually. Please refer to the list of domicile codes.

Overview page: allergies field

The clinical alert is not automatically populating the Allergies field on the Client/Resident Overview page.

Fix: add allergy information to this field manually.