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Analysis and reporting

We collect, analyse and interpret information from interRAI assessments.

The information does not identify individuals but provides the ability to benchmark service providers and also detect areas of high health need or where there might be emerging incidences of a particular health issue, to inform policy and service development.

We hold response data, outcome scales and clinical assessment protocols for every interRAI assessment that is completed in New Zealand.

Selected services

interRAI data provides information that helps health professionals, researchers and policy makers with service planning and delivery.

Data Visualisation

Access interRAI data at national, regional, DHB and population subgroup level through interRAI Data Visualisation.

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Reports for aged residential care facilities

Four times a year, each aged residential care facility in New Zealand receives a report of their own data, including comparisons with other facilities within their DHB and nationally, and comparisons with other similar sized facilities. Access to the reports is via the health sector’s Sharepoint site Connex.

Reports for home care providers

Home care providers receive regular individual reports each January and July. These reports use data from client assessments and compare a provider’s clients with all clients for both Contact and Home Care assessments. The reports are available via the health sector’s Sharepoint site Connex. The first report will become available in January 2018.

Reports for District Health Boards

The District Health Boards receive quarterly reports for cross-DHB and national level comparisons.

  • Compliance report: Percentage of people in aged residential care who have a subsequent interRAI long term care facility (LTCF) assessment completed within 230 days of the previous assessment, by facility and by DHB.
  • Benchmarking report: Summarised interRAI assessment data in New Zealand by DHBs, DHB regions and nationally.

Individual requests for data

Organisations and individuals (e.g. researchers) can request interRAI assessment data from us. All applications will be considered on an individual basis against specific criteria.

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Download interRAI publications showcasing interRAI data 

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