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Methodology Spot: September 2023

Test your coding skills in each of the following scenarios. Scroll down to see the answers.

Q1: Bed mobility (HC,CHA, PC, LTCF assessments)

When the person is using a bed controller to bring themselves from a lying position to a sitting position, how should you code bed mobility?

0. Independent
1. Independent with setup help
2. Supervision
3. Limited assistance
4. Extensive assistance
5. Maximal assistance
6. Total dependence
8. Activity did not occur during entire period.

Q2: Exercise or sports (LTCF assessments only)

When a person is going out to watch a sporting activity and this occurred in the 3 days of your assessment period, how should you code this M2g item - Exercise or Sports?

0. No preference, not involved in last 3 days

1. No preference, involved in last 3 days

2. Preferred, not involved

3. Preferred, regularly involved but not in last 3 days

4. Preferred, involved in last 3 days.


Q1 answer: As you are coding the performance over the last 3 days and the bed is taking their weight to bring them up from lying, this needs to be one of the weight-bearing codes, depending on what they are doing of the other sub-tasks (extensive or maximal).

Q2 answer: The person does not have to have participated in the actual exercise or sport for this to have occurred. Attending a game is sufficient. Either a 1. no preference involved or 4. preferred involved in the last 3 days depending on their level of preference to attend.