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Methodology spot: March 2023
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For PC, HC, LTCF and CHA Assessors

Q: “Time since last hospital stay”. Does a stay in a palliative care bed in a hospice count as an inpatient stay?

A: No, “Time since last hospital stay” refers to any inpatient hospital stays only. Hospitals typically have multiple units and wards and are a different setting to a hospice.

For PC, HC, LTCF and CHA Assessors 

Q: Other treatment restrictions. Any treatment restrictions recorded?

Is a ‘Do not resuscitate’ order a treatment restriction?

A: Yes, it restricts treatment if the person has a cardio-pulmonary arrest.

For all interRAI Assessors 

Q: How do I code Primary Language when the person can speak two languages? 

A: Code the language that the person uses to talk to their GP or other health professionals providing care. If the person’s primary language is not English, they will require an interpreter.

Q: How do I code Primary Language when the person has no oral language? 

A: Code the language the same as you would code the primary language. The person may be able to communicate with you by other means, such as tablet, whiteboard, or pen and paper. This is the language that the person is exposed to and will understand, at some level, unless they require an interpreter.