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Methodology spot December 2023
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Tui has dementia. It's difficult to assess her level of pain because she struggles to express herself clearly.

She enjoys sitting in the lounge, but can get agitated if she sits in the same position for a long time. She then yells aloud “help me” repeatedly until staff attend to her.  She shows signs of pain (grimacing face) when she is supported to stand up. When asked if she has pain, she will nod her head “yes” and point to her back and knees and say “very sore.” She settles down again after changing her position and pain medication has been given. 

What would be the correct coding for this item? Click the image above to see the answer.

  1.  No pain 

  1. Mild 

  1. Moderate 

  1. Severe 

  1. Times when pain is horrible or excruciating.



Answer: 3. Severe.