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Methodology spot: April 2023
TS511876 l 1

Question 1: All assessors

You have noticed that a previous assessor in your office has left an assessment that was completed three months ago in draft. All of the sections within the assessment have been marked complete. Do you:

  1. Mark the assessment complete yourself. This means that you are now clinically responsible for that assessment’s content.
  2. Let the assessor know and ask them to mark the assessment complete. 
  3. Ignore the issue as the previous assessor should be running an incomplete assessment report regularly.

Question 2: For HC, CHA, PC and LTCF Assessors

A person can only ever have one First Assessment of a particular assessment type. You have discontinued or errored out your person’s ‘first assessment’ as you gathered more information from the family that needed to be added in.

The new assessment should be coded as:

  1. First assessment
  2. Routine assessment
  3. Return assessment
  4. Other.

Question 3: All assessors

What happens if I enter today’s date as the Assessment Reference Date (ARD), and the person sees a GP later the same day and rings me to let me know some important clinical developments? 

  1. Yes, include the GP visit information for that day, as you are there assessing the person on the same day.
  2. No, do not include information about any activity that occurs after the date and time you complete the assessment.


Q1: 2

Q2: 1 (this is still the person’s ‘first interRAI assessment of the assessment type)

Q3: 2.