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Introducing our new e-User Access Form
National Cancer Institute

What is changing? 

Earlier this year we introduced a new e-User Access Form and we have now streamlined this into an interactive online form, that is automatically tailored according to a user’s responses. This form will provide us with the information we need to set up or modify your access to the interRAI assessment application, called Momentum, and the interRAI Learning and Development (iL&D) site. It can be completed on a mobile, tablet or computer. A copy of the data submitted, is automatically sent to the person completing the form, and also to their manager for approval.

The form is completed by the person requesting access, but managers may also complete the form on behalf of trainees.

What do I need to do differently?

Make sure you're ready to work with the new form.

To complete the form you will need to have the following information ready, as the form can't be saved until complete:

  • Your contact details, including personal email address and mobile number (required for the Learning Management System)
  • Your workplace details
  • Your manager's name, work phone number and work email address
  • Registered health professionals: your registration or APC number
  • Enrolled Nurses: name and contact details of your clinical supervisor

The new form is going live on 18 July. We will no longer accept the current form from 22 August 2022.

How do I access the new form?

You can access the new form from here.