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Each care facility or community agency is allocated at least one set of interRAI manuals. They are for all clinicians working at the facility to use, and must not be removed.

If needed, you can buy replacement copies from the international interRAI website at  Note that some manuals are localised for other countries, so you need to make sure you are buying the correct version for use in New Zealand. 

ca manual  Contact assessment form and   user’s manual v9.2

hc manual

Home care assessment form and user’s manual v9.1
LTCF manual Long term care facilities (LTCF) assessment form and user’s manual v9.1
LTCF CAPS CAPs for use with Home Care and long term care assessment instruments v9.1
PC manual Palliative care assessment form and user’s manuals v9.1
PC CAPs Palliative care clinical assessment protocols (CAPs)
CHA Manual4 Community Health Assessment (CHA) form and user’s manuals v9.1


Each interRAI trainee will receive their own training workbook from interRAI Services during training. If you require additional workbooks, contact us at

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