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Maintaining competency

To maintain competency and remain an approved interRAI assessor, you need to:

  1. maintain an annual practicing certificate for your healthcare profession
  2. complete an assessment every 6 months, with a minimum of 2 assessments to be completed in a year to national standards
  3. complete annual methodology exams
  4. If selected, successfully complete a quality review of an assessment
  5. If applicable, comply with any additional local competency requirements.

Annual evaluation

Our evaluation system will send you automated reminders emails 30 days and 5 days before your evaluations are due.

Once you pass, you receive a certificate which you can print off for your professional development file.

You can take up to three attempts for each evaluation. If you have been unsuccessful on your second attempt, complete and save your third attempt and then contact who will arrange for an educator to review the evaluation and support you with your learning.

Quality review

Every year, the National interRAI Education and Support service randomly selects assessors who need to go through a quality review. The quality review involves the review of a randomly selected assessment from the last 12 months and review of your current online evaluations. To assist you with completing your assessment refer to the following documents:

What if I fail?

Assessors who do not maintain competency will have reduced access to interRAI assessments in the Momentum software. This means they can access records but not complete assessments. This measure is to ensure the quality of interRAI data and best outcomes for those assessed.   

Please refer to the document below for details about interRAI assessor competency requirements and reasons why access may be reduced.

Process for assessors who do not maintain competency (PDF)

Exam support

Need help with your methodology exams? Check out the factsheets on our support page

Competency factsheets

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