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interRAI at your place

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Integrating interRAI into your facility

Getting the most out of interRAI

Minimum device requirements

When an assessor leaves

Transferring assessor access

Using 'Check Out' in a residential setting


If you manage a facility or office that uses interRAI, it is a good idea to become familiar with what is required of your staff, to ensure you are providing the right support for them and get the most out of using interRAI.

Managers may also benefit from attending a Manager’s Training Course, which provides an excellent programme explaining how the tools work and the data and reporting interRAI is able to generate for informing care planning and improving service delivery.

Integrating interRAI at your facility

The roadmap to integrating interRAI in your facility gives a handy overview of the steps you need to take to embed interRAI in your facility's processes. 

Getting the most out of interRAI

interRAI is a powerful tool and the data it produces can give you valuable insights and help you with planning for your facility.

How to avoid creating duplicates

The interRAI national software system offers additional modules. The Wound management module is available within the Long Term Care Facilities software. 

Minimum device requirements

In New Zealand, as of October 2020, interRAI has been optimised to work on devices with particular minimum specifications.

Minimum Device Requirements document (Oct 2020) (PDF)

When an assessor leaves

Assessors leaving an organisation or facility need to complete a number of steps, including completing all draft assessments and deactivating their account.

Detailed info:

Transferring assessor access

If you are the new employer of an interRAI assessor, you need to complete a new User Access Form to transfer that employee’s interRAI access to your facility.

Email to request a User Access Form.

On the form:

  • tick Modify User
  • complete all details and sign the form.

Email the form to

Note – We cannot action requests via phone or from private email accounts. Authorisation must come from the employee’s manager via a facility email address.

Using the 'Check Out' function in a residential setting

It is now possible to 'Check Out' a resident's interRAI assessment record from the production site (blue screen), that requires internet connection, to a mobile device to enable an interRAI assessment to be completed at the resident's bedside, without internet/ Wi-Fi connection. 

The 'Check Out' application must be pre-loaded to your mobile device. Contact your IT support to discuss this option.

How to use the 'Check Out' function for interRAI LTCF resident assessments: follow the instructions in this document to complete this action.