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Our dataset

Every person living in aged residential care, and every person who receives publicly-funded home support services in New Zealand, is assessed using interRAI.

All the completed interRAI assessments are stored on a single national data platform, and feed into a single data warehouse.

The anonymised, aggregated data forms a unique and powerful resource for research and policy. It informs health decisions across Te Whatu Ora and is in demand nationally and internationally in academic settings. Our own Research Network fosters the use of interRAI data for research (link to research network page).

Our data visualisation

The visualisation puts a broad range of interRAI data in your hands. You can explore by national, regional, District and by population subgroup.

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Reports available

Reports for aged residential care facilities

Four times a year, each aged residential care facility in New Zealand receives a report of their own data. This includes comparisons with other facilities within their District and nationally, and comparisons with other similar sized facilities. Reports are shared securely via PowerBI.

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Reports for home care providers

Home care providers receive regular individual reports each January and July. These reports use data from client assessments and compare a provider’s clients with all clients for both Contact and Home Care assessments. The reports are available via the health sector’s Sharepoint site Connex. The first report will become available in January 2018.

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Reports for Districts

All Te Whatu Ora Districts receive quarterly reports for cross-District and national level comparisons. These are:

  • Compliance report: Percentage of people in aged residential care who have a subsequent interRAI long term care facility (LTCF) assessment completed within 230 days of the previous assessment, by facility and by DHB.
  • Benchmarking report: Summarised interRAI assessment data in New Zealand by DHBs, DHB regions and nationally.

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Quality indicator reports

Quality indicators are derived from the aggregated data from all interRAI assessments in a facility, District or region.

The reports show patterns in service delivery over time. Managers can use the information to reflect on their practice, make changes and measure progress. This information also allows providers and Districts to benchmark themselves against a national average.

We produce these types of Quality indicator reports:

  • A national report for the interRAI Leadership Advisory Board
  • A report for each Te Whatu Ora region
  • A report for each Te Whatu Ora District
  • A report for each large provider (e.g. Ryman Healthcare)
  • A report for each aged care facility.

Each reports consists of five charts:

  • All care levels combined
  • Rest home level of care
  • Dementia level of care
  • Hospital level of care
  • Psychogeriatric level of care.

Quality indicator report for 2020-21

This report aims to describe the quality of interRAI data collected in New Zealand between July 2020 and June 2021 through interRAI Home Care (HC) and Long Term Care Facility (LTCF) assessments.

interRAI data was analysed using descriptive statistics to demonstrate reliability and stable trends in internal consistency. High quality data means our stakeholders can make well informed and evidence-based decisions for service quality improvement, research, planning and service delivery.

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2018/19 NZ interRAI Quality Indicator Reports