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How to get a client side certificate

The interRAI software service has activated client side certificate authentication on Monday 1 May 2017.

Client side certificates are a security key that we have made available to your organisations and have asked that they are installed on the devices that you use to connect to interRAI if your organisation uses the internet.

If your organisation has not installed these on your devices, you will receive a 403 error. 

If you see this error:

  • and have local IT support, contact them and advise that a client side certificate needs to be installed on your device and that they may need to contact us to get this for you
  • and you do not have local IT support, please contact the interRAI Service Desk at 03 378 6555 (for Southern and Northern DHB) or 06 753 7766 (for Central and Midland DHB regions).

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