Kiwis urged to prepare for old age

71% of New Zealanders in rest homes have no advance care plan, and 25% no Enduring Power of Attorney.

Elderly people who are assessed to receive care at home are even less prepared. Only 4% have an advance care plan, and 60% an Enduring Power of Attorney. 

Carers of loved ones with dementia overwhelmed and distressed

Over half of people caring for a loved one with dementia and cognitive performance issues report feeling overwhelmed by the person’s support needs.

For the first time in New Zealand, data from 35,500 comprehensive home care assessments has been analysed to show the extraordinary load family and friends shoulder when they care for someone living with dementia.

National Standards launched

interRAI Services have recently launched new National Standards for interRAI assessors using the interRAI Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF) assessment in New Zealand. Each section within interRAI has note fields, and the standards help assessors use these note fields appropriately.

Assessors will find that the new standards are clearer and more straightforward compared to the previous version, and they reduce duplication.

Inside interRAI - the newsletter for users of interRAI

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