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interRAI services internal systems upgrade - Friday 9th December

This Friday, 9 December 2016, TAS including interRAI Services will upgrade it’s internal IT network systems to a newer more advanced system which will be more reliable and allow us to better serve our customers. This is not a change to the interRAI (Momentum Healthware) Software.

What to expect when we upgrade on Friday 9 December.

It will be business as usual for TAS and interRAI services up until 12 noon, when our network will go down to allow us to upgrade our systems. As a result interRAI Educators and staff will not have access to their emails, MS Office or desk phones.

However, interRAI Educators will still be available by mobile phone that afternoon.

Thank you for your patience.

TAS and interRAI Services will return to business as usual on Monday. If there are any problems we will let you know. If you have any questions we’re here to help.

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About our Governance Board

The strategic direction of interRAI in New Zealand is guided by an 11-member interRAI New Zealand Governance Board. Its primary purpose is:

‘To provide leadership and oversight to interRAI New Zealand (interRAI NZ) to ensure the continuous improvement of health outcomes for New Zealanders as they age, and the effectiveness and efficiency of our health system by guiding and leading the use of interRAI instruments and the dissemination and use of interRAI information.'