Online training: Understanding and Interpreting interRAI Assessments

Online training: Understanding interRAI assessment information

interRAI Education and Support Services has training available to help you understand and interpret assessments.

Our online interRAI training is designed for health professionals who would like to read their clients’ interRAI assessments but will not complete any assessments themselves.

Select this course to learn about:

  • how to access the interRAI software system
  • how to read and interpret assessment information
  • interRAI clinical decision making support.

This course has five modules and takes one hour to complete.

Once the course is completed, health professionals can apply for read-only access to the interRAI software system.

The course is also a great general introduction to the interRAI software system.

You need a computer or tablet with an internet connection and browser. Make sure you activate sound and enable popups.

If you are going to complete assessments, register your interest in a suitable classroom based competency course at

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