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How we prioritise training

To manage high demand and ensure equal access to training across the sector, interRAI Services offers training according to highest need, with top priority given to facilities without any trained assessors (for example, as a result of staff turnover), and those that have fewer nurses overall.

To manage the current demand for interRAI Long Term Care Facility assessor training, we have agreed, with the New Zealand Aged Care Association, criteria for allocating training places.

Places in each session are allocated in the following order:

  1. Urgent: Facilities where there is no trained interRAI assessor currently employed to complete assessments
  2. Small facilities: Facilities with three or fewer assessors and are therefore vulnerable to turnover.
  3. Other facilities: All other facilities.
  4. Enrolled nurses: Accepted for training when there is no demand for Registered Nurses to be trained in a location, and where the facility can allocate a Registered Nurse to provide ongoing supervision.


1. In order to share access during a period of high demand, available places will be shared across facilities in the first instance, in any one training group, unless especially negotiated.

2. There are special requirements for enrolled nurses to complete interRAI assessments.

What do I do if I have an urgent need for training?

The Education and Support team holds a small number of spaces in each training session for urgent requests, with each request considered based on the level of need.

You should register for training even if it looks like the schedule is full, as extra training is being provided in areas with waitlists.

Register for training as soon as possible if you currently have no staff interRAI trained OR you are aware that you will soon be in this situation (for example, if your current trained nurse has resigned and you have no replacement).

Where is classroom-based training held?

Training sessions are held in locations throughout New Zealand. 

While we make every effort to place assessors on a training course close to their home area, sometimes you may be required to travel if you urgently need training and cannot wait for the scheduled training session in your area.

If you are in a smaller centre and are unable to travel to any of the above locations, please email us at to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can register your interest online for an intensive training course in your area.

Do we have to pay for training?

TAS provides interRAI training and training materials through government funding. The individual facility or NASC is responsible for releasing the assessor for training.

How do I manage clinical staff absences and turnover?

If your facility or NASC has difficulties providing cover for training, has a long staff absence, or receives a resignation, get in touch with both the interRAI Education and Support team and your DHB Health of Older People Portfolio Managers as soon as possible. These people can help you work out the best way to manage your assessment needs in the short term.

You are strongly encouraged to have an assessment continuity plan, which outlines what you will do if your clinical staff are unavailable for significant periods of time. This may include making arrangements with other facilities for sharing resources, or using agency staff until a permanent solution is found.

Where can I get further support?

Contact the interRAI Education and Support team:

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