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Enrolled nurses completing interRAI assessments

Enrolled nurses can train to become competent interRAI assessors, and complete interRAI assessments, with supervision from an identified Registered Nurse.

Who can complete interRAI assessments?

Only registered health professionals who have attended the relevant interRAI assessment training can complete interRAI assessments. Assessors must be trained by educators accredited by TAS interRAI Services¹ (approved by the interRAI New Zealand Governance Board).

Community interRAI assessments

Assessors using interRAI assessments must be health professionals for whom assessment is part of their scope of practice and who have a current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) or their discipline equivalent¹. This includes Enrolled Nurses who meet Nursing Council scope of practice³ and where there is an identified Registered Nurse with supervision responsibilities for Enrolled Nurse assessments.

interRAI LTCF assessments

Enrolled Nurses are eligible to be trained as LTCF assessors. Once they reach competency they may complete as much of the assessment as the supervising Registered Nurse requests and sign off the sections they completed. The supervising Registered Nurse takes responsibility for the assessment overall (even when wholly completed by the Enrolled Nurse) and signs it off in the software³.

Nursing Council of New Zealand requirements

All Enrolled Nurses are required to practice ‘under the direction and delegation of a registered nurse or nurse practitioner’³.

‘Enrolled nurses contribute to nursing assessments, care planning, implementation and evaluation of care for health consumers and/or families/whanau. The registered nurse maintains overall responsibility for the plan of care.’³

 To complete interRAI assessments, ENs trained prior to the inclusion of ‘assessment training’ in EN registration training must complete the New Zealand Nursing Council ‘transition to new scope of practice’³


¹ Download Agreements for use of the interRAI assessment system from the Board key documents page 

² Download Agreements for use of the interRAI assessment system from the Board key documents page

³ Nursing Council of New Zealand (including subsection on Transition to new scope of practice)


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