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Level 1 at last

Tēnā kotou,

It’s fantastic as a nation we are leading the way globally in managing COVID-19. It’s clear we do still need to be vigilant, however moving to Level 1 for TAS and interRAI Services means we can relax many of the measures we had in place.

Moving to Level 1
While we will continue to leverage the great efficiencies of Zoom and Teams, our people are transitioning back into our offices, we can host face-to-face meetings at our TAS sites and our people can visit you offsite. We are also pleased to be opening Front+Centre to the public, with contact tracing in place.

What this means for you 
Our focus is now on the future and we’ll be using our learning from the COVID-19 response to shape a new way of working that delivers the best outcomes for our customers and our people. We will update you as we work through this process.

Kotahi two-to-one on track for this weekend

It's a busy time for our software services team as they prepare to transition Momentum from two host sites (Canterbury and Taranaki) to one (Canterbury) later this week, 12-15 June. Here's what you need to know:

Minimal disruption for Southern users
Southern regional user? Great, the merge shouldn't slow you down too much. Please be aware Momentum will be unavailable from 4pm Friday 12 June to 8am Monday 15 June. 

If you are a Momentum Mobile user, please help us make things easier. Please check in your assessments before 15 June, and re-sync your laptop on 15 June to make sure the changes are applied correctly.

Important changes for Midland/Central users
There are some key changes and preparatory steps for you.

Before go-live this weekend, please make sure you: After go-live on Monday 15 June, you also need to:
  • Reset your password
  • Take note of new details. Your service desk number and email will change to the Southern helpdesk. The new number will be on our website in case you need it.
  • Use the new URL to access Momentum
  • Re-sync your laptop (Momentum Mobile users only).
Any problems?
Please email so we can help you. 

LTCF training: now available by distance

We are delighted to announce that registrations for our redesigned LTCF training by distance are open now. Please visit our website for more information and to book.

More information and bookings

About the redesigned course
COVID-19 has prompted us to redesign the training urgently, so that any clinician around the country who needs training, can access it right from their workplace.

This course makes training faster and more convenient. This is because:
  • classroom time is reduced from 3 days to 2
  • time required to achieve competency is reduced from 8 weeks to 6
  • there is no travel required.
We recognise that LTCF training by distance will not suit everyone, so we will provide a face-to-face training option, incorporating the redesigned LTCF course, in the main centres (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) from July, subject to COVID-19 Alert Level changes. If this is a better option for your facility, please contact us.

Updated national standards available

Updated national standards for the completion of assessments are now available.

National standards on interRAI website

In 2019 we consulted with the sector about the content of the national standards. As interRAI is now well embedded in both the community and aged residential care sectors, there was an appetite to reduce mandatory recording of notes, where the clinical skills of the assessor should guide these decisions. There was opportunity for our service to focus on the assessment components and allow clinicians to use other parts of the client file software, as suits their needs. As a result, the new national standards are paired down to focus on interRAI-specific items only, to support the assessor in their clinical practice.

These are designed to be used in conjunction with the assessment form and user’s manual, and the workbook. They provide guidance not only about the minimum notes required, but also around the assessment process itself and the management of the clinical file.

Please help us avoid duplicate records

Duplication slows down assessments by causing confusion. We want to protect your time by reducing duplication as much as possible. Our guidance shows you how to avoid creating duplicate records.

Guide to avoiding duplicate records

New on 

Meet your Educators:

We have published our annual report and updated our flyers. Download them from our publications page:

interRAI New Zealand Annual Report 2018/19

People living in aged residential care 

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