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For NASC staff: minor software change
markus winkler afW1hht0NSs unsplash

A minor change is being made to Momentum Mobile (CICO). This change is being made on Monday 4 October 2021, and will be applied automatically (server side) for all Momentum Mobile users.

What's changing?

To enhance data security, only draft assessments will be visible in the client’s file when using CICO. Previous completed assessments will not be able to be viewed or accessed in CICO. If a new assessment is opened, no auto-populated information from previous assessments will be visible.

What should users do differently?

Only assessments generated in the Production (Blue) site before the client’s file is checked out in CICO (Green), will be auto-populated with coding/comments from previous assessments. You'll need to generate new assessments in the Production (Blue) site before heading out to complete assessments.

Any problems?

Please contact the service desk.