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CAAM literature review available
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Mahi to develop a culturally appropriate assessment model (CAAM) for Māori continues, with excellent engagement from a wide range of stakeholders across the motu.

A key component of the discovery phase of this work was a literature review and we are pleased to share this with you here:

interRAI CAAM literature review

We certainly do not claim this to be an exhaustive review but are confident that it captures key insights that are important to consider as we move forward.  Perhaps the most significant finding is that an assessment that is developed within one cultural setting is not necessarily transferable to another. Further, within the context of contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand, the review highlights that it is vital that we prioritise the voice of Māori in every aspect of this mahi – we intuitively knew this, but it is good to have it confirmed!

We are currently finalising a report detailing findings from the workforce survey which we look forward to sharing soon.