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Culturally Appropriate Assessment Model

From the interRAI Service Design report:

The Culturally Appropriate Assessment Model (CAAM) aims to develop and promote a common assessment model/approach that:
a. Is culturally appropriate and responsive to Māori needs
b. Incorporates all necessary material for DHBs to implement it effectively
c. Is not siloed within assessment providers.

We worked closely with the Ministry of Health and our partners Francis Health (now Deloitte) on this project. Project milestones are posted below.

15 Feb 2023

CAAM report released

You can now read the report and recommendations from the Culturally Appropriate Assessment Model project. The report puts the voices of kuia and kaumātua, their experiences and needs, front and centre.

We hope you'll read and consider this powerful document. Our next steps will be working out how to put this mātauranga into practice.

Read the CAAM report

9 Dec 2022

Update from the project team

We're making great progress! Read the latest update at the link below.

CAAM Newsletter Update December 2022

15 Sept 2022 

Update from the project team

The project is progressing well. Read our latest project update below.

CAAM Newsletter Update September 2022

22 July 2022

Update from the project team

This project aims to develop and promote a common assessment model approach that is culturally appropriate and responsive to Māori needs.

We are working closely with the Ministry of Health and our partners Francis Health on this project. Read the latest update on our progress below.

CAAM Newsletter Update July 2022

11 July

Workforce Survey report available

This workforce survey was conducted to help inform development of a culturally appropriate assessment model. The survey gave those in the health and disability workforce with working knowledge of interRAI assessments, an opportunity to give their views.

Results have signposted a range of ways in which the current approach to assessment and assessment tools could be adjusted to align with Te Ao Māori.  As we continue with this mahi, we are using the survey results to guide our kōrero with a wide range of stakeholders, prioritising the voice of kaumātua and kuia – He kura te tangata, he wānanga te pēperekōu. 

Read the report on the results below.

CAAM workforce survey report

20 June 2022

Literature review available

Mahi to develop a culturally appropriate assessment model (CAAM) for Māori continues, with excellent engagement from a wide range of stakeholders across the motu.

A key component of the discovery phase of this work was a literature review and we are pleased to share this with you here:

interRAI CAAM literature review

We certainly do not claim this to be an exhaustive review but are confident that it captures key insights that are important to consider as we move forward.  Perhaps the most significant finding is that an assessment that is developed within one cultural setting is not necessarily transferable to another. Further, within the context of contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand, the review highlights that it is vital that we prioritise the voice of Māori in every aspect of this mahi – we intuitively knew this, but it is good to have it confirmed!

We are currently finalising a report detailing findings from the workforce survey which we look forward to sharing soon.

6 April 2022

Workforce Survey released

As part of the engagement and information gathering phase of the CAAM project, a Workforce Survey has been developed and approved by the project Steering Group.