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Palliative Care assessments in ARC trial 
Momentum error
Data visualisation tool updated 

Palliative Care assessments trial in ARC

We are pleased to announce that we have now begun trialling the Palliative Care assessment in selected aged residential care settings. You may have seen this assessment appear in Momentum recently.

We have already been in touch with everyone who is participating in the trial. If you are not a trial participant, please don’t use the assessment yet. We expect it to be ready for everyone to use after October.

We’ll update you on our progress at the end of the trial.

Community clinicians: you can keep using the Palliative Care assessment in your setting as normal.

Momentum unhandled exception error

Recently some users have been struggling with a frustrating error in Momentum. This small number of users are seeing the message 'unhandled exception error' before being logged out of the system. 

We acknowledge the stress and inconvenience this error has caused. Fortunately, we have investigated and found the source of the issue - a piece of server software that has been functioning incorrectly - and we have now rolled out a fix. As the disruption to some users has been significant, we are closely monitoring the system to make sure the issue does not reoccur. 

We have also created a specialist team within our interRAI software support helpdesk staff at Canterbury DHB, so that if you contact the helpdesk on 0800 10 80 44 and select option 1, you can be put through to the experts on the issue straight away.


Data visualisation tool updated

Our interRAI data visualisation tool has now been updated for 2019/2020. The interactive tool provides access to a range of useful aggregated assessment data from the 2019/20 year, and previous years.

Access the data visualisation tool
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