Maintaining competency

To maintain competency and remain an approved interRAI assessor, you need to:

  1. maintain a Health Professional Annual Practicing Certificate
  2. complete an assessment every 6 months, with a minimum of 2 assessments to be completed in a year to National Standards
  3. complete the set of AIS evaluations annually
  4. If selected, pass a quality review of an assessment
  5. If applicable, comply with any additional local competency requirements, for example, attending an education

Annual evaluation

The AIS e-learning site will send you an automated reminder email before your evaluation is due.

Once you pass, you receive a certificate which you can print off for your Professional Development File.

You can take up to five attempts for evaluation. If you have failed the first three attempts, you need to tell your Educator, who will then review your training results with you, and find training opportunities.

Quality review

Every year, the National interRAI Education and Support service randomly selects assessors who need to go through a quality review. The quality review involves the review of a randomly selected assessment from the last 12 months and review of your current online evaluations. To assist you with completing your assessment refer to the following documents:

What if I fail

If you fail any of the requirements to maintain competency, your access to interRAI may be changed to ‘admin’ user status. This will still allow you to enter non-clinical details on the person's overview page. You will not be able to complete interRAI assessments anymore.

To get your full assessor access back, you will need to complete additional training or other remedial training. 

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