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Training and maintaining competency

To become a competent interRAI assessor, you will attend training.

Before the training

Once you are confirmed for a place on a training course, your local educator will contact you, providing:

  • information about the training requirements, and
  • access to AIS, the system you will be using to complete the e-learning module ‘AIS-Mastering the RAI’ ahead of the course.

You and your manager will also be required to sign a learning agreement.

You will be asked to bring your organisation/facility’s blue interRAI Assessment Form and User's Manual and the orange Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) book with you to training. 


Your educator will provide you with a workbook for the training.

interRAI manuals (the blue and orange books) are provided on a facility/office basis. They are not the property of an individual assessor. Additional user manuals can be purchased from interRAI International at 

During training

Your educator will support you throughout your training. Once you have completed the initial training course, there are a range of steps to reach interRAI competency. 


Maintaining competency

What you need to do to maintain competency in interRAI

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Online evaluations (AIS) help

AIS is the system trainees and assessors use to practice and evaluate their understanding of coding interRAI assessments.

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