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Q: How do I work out the average time a resident is involved in activities?

A: Example: Resident gets up at 7 am and goes to bed at 9pm. Total of 14 hours.

Subtract time spent on ADL examples as listed below:

  • Every day for the last three days – 1.5 hours personal cares and 3 hours of eating. Total ADL activity = 4.5 hours per day
  • Every day for the last three days – 30 minutes of receiving medications
  • Every day for the last three days naps for one hour.
  • Total time the resident is unable to complete activities per day = 6 hours

The resident is free to complete activities either alone (for example reading or watching television) or group for 8 hours every day.

  1. Little – less than 1 /3 of time = less than 2.5hours involved in activities
  2. Some – from 1 /3 to 2/3 of time = between 2.5 to 5 hours involved in activities
  3. Most – more than 2 /3 of time = more than 5 hours daily spent involved in activities (reading, watering plants, group games).

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