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Data, research and reporting » Quality Indicators in Aged Residential Care

Quality Indicators in Aged Residential Care

Quality Indicators are derived from the aggregated data from all interRAI assessments in a facility, District Health Board or region.

The reports show patterns in service delivery over time. Providers may use the information in the reports to reflect on their practice, make changes and measure progress. This information also allows provider and DHBs to benchmark themselves against a national average.

We produce these types of Quality Indicator reports:

  • A national report for the interRAI New Zealand Governance Board
  • A regional report for each DHB region
  • A report for each DHB
  • A report for each large provider
  • A report for each facility (to come later in 2018).

Each reports consists of five charts:

  • All care levels combined
  • Resthome level of care
  • Dementia level of care
  • Hospital level of care and
  • Psychogeriatric level of care.
Reports are now available in the interRAI visualisation tool from 2019/20.


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