Data and reporting

interRAI data

interRAI assessments produce a wealth of information about the health of older people. This interactive visualisation tool allows users to access aggregated interRAI assessment data. Please wait for the Data Visualisation to load.



interRAI Data Visualisation opens up various ways of looking at interRAI data. The interactive nature of the tool means you are in control of the information at the level of detail you desire.

This video explains Outcomes and Clinical Assessment Protocols, two basic concepts in interRAI.

Analysis and reporting

Find out more about the National interRAI Data Analysis and Reporting Centre and our services.

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Requesting interRAI data

Organisations and individuals can request interRAI assessment data. All applications will be considered on an individual basis against specific criteria, including the level of assurance of privacy and respect, and how the requester intends to use the data.

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Publications and reports

interRAI New Zealand produces a range of publications and data reports.

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Quality Indicators in Aged Residential Care

Quality Indicators show patterns in service delivery over time. Providers may use the information in the reports to reflect on their practice, make changes and measure progress.

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