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COVID-19 information

Please check latest information about COVID-19 at:

NZ Aged Care Association
Ministry of Health website
Unite for recovery website (Previously
Vaccine updates for the health sector (Ministry of Health)

Welcome to the interRAI COVID-19 hub. All information about interRAI during the pandemic is collected here. 

This page was last updated on 16 March 2022.

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Assessment information
COVID-19 screener now available
Using Contact Assessment in place of Home Care Assessment during COVID-19
Some assessments may be completed remotely
How to code from N2c during COVID-19

Data and reporting
You can track COVID-19 in the interRAI software system
VPR algorithm is available to identify vulnerable people

Training and services
Distance learning available

Assessment information

COVID-19 screener available 

Nine new questions have been added to Contact Assessment only, to screen for potential vulnerability to COVID-19. The questions are set to optional; you can still complete an assessment without completing these questions. Decisions on how and when the questions should be used, are being made individually by each DHB.

The data collected by the screener will be stored securely, as with existing interRAI data. Existing algorithms, reports and analyses will be unaffected by this change.

We have prepared a guidance document on how to work with the new questions. Access it at the link below.

Contact Assessment COVID-19 vulnerability supplement (CVS)

Using Contact Assessment in place of Home Care Assessment during COVID-19
During the COVID-19 pandemic, clients may need to be assessed urgently, reliably and efficiently to identify the complexity of their condition and urgency for further investigation. The interRAI Contact Assessment is suited for this purpose especially as it is valid over the telephone.

Guidance on using Contact Assessment in place of Home Care Assessment

Some assessments may be completed remotely
You may complete Contact Assessments via telephone. A guidance document is available below. The guidance document explains when a telephone assessment is appropriate and tips on how to conduct one successfully.

If a Home Care Assessment is required urgently during COVID-19, you may be able to complete this using video call (Zoom, Skype, Google Duo etc.). Please read the guidance documents below.

Guidance for completing Contact Assessments via telephone
Guidance for completing urgent Home Care Assessments via video call

How to code for N2c during COVID-19
(HC 9.1 US and Canadian Ed, O2c for LTCF US and Australian Eds)

Q:  How do you code infection control N2c if a person is not unwell but is in isolation?
A:  Code 0 not ordered and did not occur.
The intent of the item is to review prescribed treatments for the person. In this instance the person is not receiving treatment for a condition they have, they are being protected from conditions that others have.

Data and reporting

You can track COVID-19 in the interRAI software system
We have added COVID-19 to the list of Active and Recent Infections Tracking module for both Community and Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF).

If you want to track the known infections for either your community or care facility, you can add an infection from the Active and Recent Infections Tracking module on the person’s Overview screen. The Infection Tracking Type will be COVID-19.  This information may be drawn on from the Reports module.

VPR algorithm is available to help identify vulnerable people
Several DHBs have asked whether, as was done after the Christchurch earthquakes, interRAI data can be used to help identify vulnerable people. The answer is yes. An updated algorithm has been developed called Vulnerable Persons at Risk (VPR). This algorithm is automatically derived from each person’s most recent interRAI Home Care Assessment. The outputs from this algorithm are now available via Connex, with instructions also available.

VPR algorithm access

VPR key file (excel)
Instructions on how to use the VPR files loaded onto Connex (word)
Using VPR as a Decision-Support Tool (pdf)

Because these files contain personal information, access is restricted to programme managers for health of older people only. If you have questions about this data or how it can be used during the pandemic, contact the service desk:

All regions (CDHB)
Phone: 0800 10 80 44, option 1


interRAI learning is delivered by distance

All interRAI training is now delivered by distance, using a mix of online learning and Zoom sessions. 

More information on interRAI training