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Frequently asked questions

How do I keep client information safe, and what are my responsibilities?

Read our interRAI computer safety and privacy guidelines.

How do I request interRAI data?

Please fill in a request form. You can find this on our requesting data page.

FAQs about coding are now addressed in the workbook units on interRAI Learning and Development (IL&D).

In the content page of your workbook, look for ‘Coding tips and FAQs’. If you click on the page number you will be taken directly to the correct page in the workbook. These Q&As are compiled by topic and the sections are listed as they appear in the Minimum Data Set (MDS).

Still can't find the answer? Please call or email us.

Ring: 0800 10 80 44, option 3


This site can't be reached

If you see the message 'this site can't be reached' when you visit Momentum to log in, your client-side certificate needs to be updated. Please contact our service desk.
Ring: 0800 10 80 44, option 1

Are your methodology exams up to date?

If you haven't completed your methodology exams when required, your Momentum access will be changed to read-only, as you're no longer a certified interRAI assessor. The education and support team can help you resolve this. Call or email them on:

Phone: 0800 10 80 44, option 2

Outages and other issues

All Momentum outages are posted on our homepage, please check there first. If nothing is posted and Momentum is not working as expected, please contact the service desk on:

Phone: 0800 10 80 44, option 1

Momentum passwords

If you've forgotten your Momentum password, you can reset it yourself.

Self-reset password guide

Still having trouble? Our software service desk can help.

Ring: 0800 10 80 44 or 03 378 6555

interRAI Learning & Development (iLD)

If you've forgotten your iLD password, you can reset it yourself.

Just click the 'Forgot username or password?' link on the homepage, and follow the instructions.

Please also read our interRAI computer safety and privacy guidelines 

Your security questions are needed if you forget your password, and to verify your identity when you call the helpdesk.

Check and change your security questions guide.

Please also read our interRAI computer safety and privacy guidelines.

Once you have completed your interRAI training, you must complete steps annually to maintain your competency.

Visit our maintaining competency page for details on what you need to do.

Maintaining competency

Computer or internet problems can be resolved by your IT department or provider.

How do I prepare for my training?

Visit our prepare for your training page. If you are learning by distance, you'll need to complete your paperwork and your pre-course requirements in plenty of time.

Which manuals do I need?

All aged residential care facilities and home care providers have been issued with a full set of interRAI manuals. If you need replacements, please talk to our support team.

Ring: 0800 10 80 44, option 3