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Software User Group

The New Zealand interRAI Software User Group provides an operational forum for the use of interRAI software.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • support consistent use of the national platform
  • provide an operational link between the software use and the software host service
  • be the communication channel between the wider users and the Governance Board and
  • develop and recommend prioritised enhancements to the software.

The group operates under the overarching governance of interRAI in New Zealand, and within the framework of its terms of reference and policy.

Current members of the Software User Group:

Lyn-Elizabeth Schofield, Chair (North Systems Clinician, interRAI Services)


Jason Theobald (Senior Analyst, interRAI Services)


Shelley Mawhinney (South Systems Clinician, interRAI Services)


Terry Huntley (Software Services Manager, interRAI Services)


Andrea Davidson (Senior Information Analyst, Canterbury District Health Board)

Andrea.Davidson2 (at) cdhb.health.nz

Deborah Sullivan (Care Manager, Hawkes Bay District Health Board Needs Assessment Service Centre)

Deborah.Sullivan (at) hawkesbaydhb.govt.nz

Jackie Long (Facility Manager, Aparangi Residential Care)

gm.tkretire (at) aparangi.co.nz

Janice Reuyan (Information and Communication Technology Trainer, CHT Healthcare Trust)

Janice.Reuyan (at) cht.co.nz

Jean D'Ath (Clinical Manager, Gracelands Resthome and Village, Oceania)

Jean.dath (at) oceaniahealthcare.co.nz

John MacDougall (Data Analyst, New Zealand Aged Care Association)

john (at) nzaca.org.nz

Margaret Thomason (Need Assessment Service Centre Team Leader, Lakes District Health Board)

Margaret.Thomason (at) lakesdhb.govt.nz

Michelle Mcdonald (Lead Service Coordinator, Enliven Presbyterian Support Northern)

Michelle.mcdonald (at) psn.org.nz

Penny Hanning (Senior Consultant, RPH Consulting Healthcare of New Zealand)

penny.hanning (at) healthcarenz.co.nz

Theresa Araullo (Clinical Team Leader, Waitemata District Health Board Needs Assessment Service Centre)

Theresa.Araullo (at) waitematadhb.govt.nz

Vickey Johnston (Clinical Lead interRAI, Bupa New Zealand)

Vickey.Johnston (at) bupa.co.nz

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