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Our educators

Karen Goymour
Karen Goymour, OT
Team Leader North
Karen has over 10 years interRAI experience, first as an assessor then as DHB Lead Practitioner, and Clinical Lead for Whanganui DHB's Community Assessment Team. She then moved to interRAI Services as an interRAI educator. She holds both a postgraduate diploma in Occupational Therapy and in Adult and Tertiary Teaching. Karen is currently the Lead Educator with the ACC Assessment tools and involved in both the introduction of the Palliative Care Assessment in the community and residential care sector.
Leanne Whitteker
Leanne Whitteker
Team Leader South
Leanne is the Lead for the South interRAI Educator team. She is a Speech-Language Therapist (MNZSTA) and has a clinical background in Older Persons’ Health and Rehabilitation. Leanne worked as a Clinical Assessor using the interRAI Assessment before joining the Education and Support Team at interRAI.
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Katrina Lamb, RN
Katrina is a Registered Nurse, who has 14 years experience in aged care nursing in both residential care and the community. She has been using interRAI LTCF assessment tool in residential care since 2014. Most recently Katrina has worked as a Clinical Nurse Manager, before joining interRAI as an educator.
Jeremiah Eco, RN
Jeremiah is a Registered Nurse who has worked in aged residential care, operating theatres and as a Nurse Tutor (Bachelor of Nursing, Year One). He joined interRAI as an educator in 2021.
Megan Polglase
Megan Polglase
Megan is a Registered Nurse. She joined interRAI Services as an educator in 2021.
Aldie Cabalan
Aldie Cabalan, RN
Educator, Auckland
Aldie has a combined 14 years of nursing experience both overseas and in Aotearoa. He was an Associate Professor for 8 years at a College of Nursing in the Philippines. He started his New Zealand journey as a registered nurse in an aged care facility, also leading study days there. He transitioned into an AT&R nurse at Waitemata DHB before joining the interRAI Team in 2018. Aldie holds a Master of Science in Nursing and holds a Senior Level PDRP with the CCDHB. Aldie wants to enhance his teaching skills and is currently completing a certificate in adult and tertiary teaching.
Ronald Ong, RN
Educator, Auckland
Ronald joined interRAI in 2019 as an educator, based in Auckland. He left the Philippines and emigrated to New Zealand in 2010. Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse in Aotearoa, he was a frontline support worker in the community. In 2012, Ronald acquired his New Zealand practising certificate. He then spent most of his clinical practice in the community disability sector as a Registered Nurse and then as a Clinical Training and Development Officer for a company that provides services to people with physical and intellectual disabilities.
Dave Sasis
Dave Sasis, RN
Educator, Auckland
Dave has been practising as a Registered Nurse for 14 years, beginning his career in the Philippines before moving to Aotearoa New Zealand. He has experience on the floor as an aged residential care nurse, and a Lead Practice Nurse. His teaching experience includes time as a university professor in the Philippines, teaching nursing. He is further expanding his teaching skills at present as he completes a Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching. Dave also holds a Senior Level PDRP with the Capital and Coast DHB.
Ashleigh Wiley
Ashleigh Wiley, RN
Educator, Auckland
Ashleigh has worked for TAS for over three years. She has a strong passion for interRAI having spent several years’ working in the community with the interRAI assessment tools in her previous role as a Clinical Advisor for a home support provider.
Robyn Winter, RN
Educator, Timaru
Robyn has worked as an interRAI Educator since January 2012. She had previously worked with interRAI since 2007 as a NASC assessor in the community. She brings to her role an extensive experience with interRAI as both assessor and educator, along with broad nursing experience gathered from community, acute and long term care facility care.
Karla Lugatiman
Karla Lugatiman, RN
Educator, Cambridge
Karla is a Registered Nurse and has worked with the interRAI team as an educator since April 2017. She has used interRAI assessment tools since 2013 in clinical roles in the aged residential care sector. Karla gained a Bachelor's degree in Nursing in 2008 in the Philippines, and worked there as a perioperative nurse for almost three years before coming to New Zealand in 2011.
Joanne Tolentino web
Joanne Tolentino, RN
Educator, Auckland
Joanne is a Senior Level Registered Nurse with Master of Arts in Nursing degree. She worked as a University Nurse Lecturer and a Clinical Educator with an acute care setting background in the Philippines. In New Zealand, she worked in the aged care sector before joining the interRAI team. Passionate about nursing education and research, she has completed a Diploma in Health Service Management and is currently studying a Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching.
Natasha OBrien
Natasha O'Brien
Educator, Dunedin
Natasha has been an interRAI Educator for 4 years. She has a background using the interRAI assessments tools in her day to day role as a Needs Assessor and a Clinical Coordinator in the community for over 6 years in Older People’s Health.
Mariana Foxcroft
Mariana Foxcroft, RN
Educator, Tauranga
Mariana Foxcroft is a Registered Nurse trained in South Africa where she specialised in Intensive Medical and Surgical Nursing care. Before joining TAS she worked for a community home based support provider as a Service Coordinator and Lead Service Coordinator in Auckland and Tauranga, as well as the NASC where she gained experience in completing InterRAI assessments.
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall, RN
Educator, Wellington
Melissa completed her Bachelor of nursing at Whitiriea polytechnic and has over 25 years’ experience working in various nursing environments. Most recently assessing clients’ needs within the community, working in partnership with the client using the interRAI electronically based assessment tool. She has worked with the interRAI team for the past 18 months.
Beverley Carter
Beverley Carter, RN
Educator, Christchurch
Bev is a Registered Nurse and holds both a PGDip and PGCet. She has worked in a variety of positions in nursing including: Acute Care Hospitals, Community Care and Aged Care. Positions held include RN, Unit Co Ordinator, PDRP Facilitator, Netp Co-ordinator, interRAI Assessor. Bev is also a trained teacher, with experience in primary and secondary schools.
Robyn McLachlan
Robyn McLachlan, OT
Educator, Blenheim
Robyn has a clinical background in Occupational Therapy and has worked as an interRAI Educator for almost 8 years. She has spent most of her career in older persons' health as a Community Occupational Therapist and teaching at the Occupational Therapy School in Dunedin. Prior to joining the interRAI team she worked for the West Coast DHB setting up the NASC service and introducing interRAI Home Care (HC) into that service.
Ryan Depollo
Ryan Depollo, RN
Educator, Cambridge
Ryan worked in both acute care and and aged residential care settings before joining interRAI in 2017. He used to supervise student nurses in his previous role as a Senior Nurse in the Medical-Surgical ward. He also worked as a full-time Health Care Assistant before working as an RN in a long-term care facility. His work experience gives him a unique assessment perspective that is useful when teaching different interRAI assessment tools for both the community and aged residential care sector.
Beth Lee
Beth Lee, OT
Beth is an Occupational Therapist working predominantly in community, private practice and amongst older people. She has worked as an assessor for fitness to drive, and as a Needs Assessor in her local NASC using the interRAI LTCF, HC, CHA, and Contact Assessment tools. Beth was Lead Practitioner for the NASC. She moved to Technical Advisory Services (TAS) in 2016 as a casual educator, and accepted a fulltime role in 2020.
Clare Ferrick web
Clare Ferrick, RN
Educator, Masterton
Clare has been involved with interRAI for many years. She was Lead Practitioner/Assessor at Wairarapa DHB before moving to Technical Advisory Services (TAS) in September 2016. Clare brings a wide range of experience to her role along with teaching and supporting interRAI Assessments. Recently Clare has been involved in the introduction of the Palliative Care Assessment in the community and Residential Care sector.
Jenny Allan
Jenny Allan, RN
Educator, Wellington
Jenny has worked in a variety of clinical settings in New Zealand and the United Kingdom since 1977. She has worked in hospitals, for Regional Public Health, as a District Nurse, a Plunket Nurse, a fertility nurse and has also worked in management. Jenny has worked for Technical Advisory Services (TAS) for ten years and with the interRAI education team for the last six years.