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interRAI in New Zealand

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The interRAI vision is:

‘To continuously improve health outcomes for New Zealanders as they age, and the effectiveness and efficiency of our health system by guiding and leading the use of interRAI instruments and the dissemination and use of interRAI information.’ 

interRAI Services is the national provider of services to support interRAI and is a business group within the Central Region’s Technical Advisory Service (TAS) – a health shared services agency.

Key objectives of interRAI New Zealand

  • Consumers are receiving equitable access to and benefits from interRAI assessment regardless of their location in New Zealand

  • Health outcomes are improved and health inequalities reduced for all those assessed through interRAI

  • interRAI is effective in its use of funding and resources\

  • Promote the use by Government agencies of interRAI data as evidence in policy development where appropriate 

  • Promote the use of interRAI data and information to shape services and support best outcomes and continued service improvements 

  • interRAI data and information is accessible for research purposes 

  • Access to interRAI data is maximised whilst ensuring the privacy of consumers is safeguarded at all times 

  • New Zealand contributes to the international development of interRAI tools 

  • The interRAI suite is successfully and consistently implemented and supported in all relevant settings in New Zealand.

Annual budget and services

Annual interRAI funding is provided by the Ministry of Health, covering the delivery of four key business functions:

  • education and support services
  • reporting and analytics
  • governance and
  • software services.

TAS’ interRAI Services group manages all funding and employs 41.6 FTE to provide national services to our customers, who include District Health Boards and Aged Residential Care providers (along with a range of other stakeholders).

It delivers interRAI Education and Support Services for interRAI assessors and service providers, secretariat services for the interRAI New Zealand Governance Board and the National Data Analysis and Reporting Centre.

interRAI Services also manages the national work programme, develops and administers national standards, and determines the competency of interRAI assessors.

Single IT platform

The Ministry of Health holds a contract with Momentum Healthware as the vendor of the interRAI software in New Zealand and services are provided according to a Service Level Agreement. 

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