Data & Reporting

Data & Reporting

The National interRAI Data Analysis and Reporting Centre

The National interRAI Data Analysis and Reporting Centre (the Centre) was formally established by the TAS in July 2015 with the aim of utilising national interRAI data to provide information that would assist health professionals, researchers and policy makers in the development of services to meet the needs of the community.

The Centre collects, analyses and interprets  interRAI client information, which does not identify individuals but provides the ability to benchmark service providers and also detect areas of high health need or where there might be emerging incidences of a particular health issue, to inform policy and service development.

The Centre uses this information to produce automated accountability and benchmarking reports which are sent to DHBs via a secure channel. The Centre also released its first Annual Report 2014/15 in April 2016 to provide an overview of interRAI assessment data to a broad range of stakeholders in the aged care sector from a national perspective. Anyone can apply to access interRAI information.


Collected interRAI assessment data

The Centre sources interRAI assessment data from the National interRAI Software Service (the host service). The following interRAI assessment data is available from the Centre: 

  • Contact Assessment
  • Home Care Assessment
  • Long Term Care Facility (LTCF) Assessment
  • Emergency Department Screener

Community Health Assessment data and Palliative Care Assessment data from the current pilot testing of this tool, is expected shortly.

The Centre holds all selected response data, outcome scales and clinical assessment protocols for every interRAI assessment that is completed in New Zealand.


Further development of the Centre

TAS intends to further develop the Centre and the suite of reports it can provide. The Centre is already offering interRAI reports that enable cross-DHB and national comparison (subject to data sharing agreements) for DHBs and the wider aged residential care sector. In 2016/17, the Centre will be looking at how it can provide automated benchmarking reports to aged residential care facilities, and to home and community health providers.

TAS will also consider how interRAI data could be linked with other health datasets to enable collaboration and great information sharing to inform policy.

Core elements of any future products would be that data is securely managed, treated with respect, and was intended to support strategic service development and planning that leads to improved outcomes for clients.



interRAI data requests

Organisations and individuals (e.g. researchers) can request interRAI assessment data from the Centre. All applications will be considered on an individual basis against specific criteria, including the level of assurance of privacy and respect, and how the requester intends to use the data.

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Reports & publications

interRAI New Zealand produces a range of publications and data reports that support the delivery and development of interRAI and care provision across the country.

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Secure interRAI data

Connex is a Microsoft SharePoint site that enables the sharing of health information between different stakeholder groups. The Centre provides interRAI data securely via Connex to all DHB Health of Older People Portfolio Managers.
Information contained in Connex is secure and can only be accessed by authorised agents.

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